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80% of CEOs said their products were differentiated.

Only 8% of consumers agreed.

What would you like to do about that?

Meet Sean


Sean Stormes leads The Third Door®, an international value design and demand creation firm. A nationally recognized authority on helping progressive leaders realize purpose-driven, “unprecedented value”-based Business Model Reinvention, he founded his company after a distinguished 27-year executive career rooted in senior level Operations, Sales and Marketing Management and Continuous Process Improvement.

After leading high-performing teams at the regional and national level, and driving $250 million in new business the last 15 years, he designed his company’s platform in response to traditional industry “best practices” that have become obsolete. T3D’s clients have realized double and triple-digit PRG within six to eight months of successful implementation, primarily because of his innate ability to help produce meaningful marketplace separation for businesses in highly competitive industries.

Sean has over 54,000 hours invested in T3D’s unique, proprietary framework and associated architecture. His client list includes the United States’ largest entrepreneurial organization, The Kauffman Foundation; the Midwest’s largest public utility, Kansas City Power and Light; Dimensional Innovations, a recognized leader in the Design-Build-Innovate arena; Redemption Plus, a national distributor of toys, games, and “insights that empower” to the family entertainment center industry; Mariner Wealth Advisors, a renowned financial services firm.; and Larson Binkley, Inc., a national mid-market engineering firm.

Sean is also a published author, sought after keynote speaker and nationally syndicated, bi-monthly guest columnist to the American Cities Business Journals, reaching over 300,000 business leaders across the top 43 national markets each year. His new book, Clean Slate: Why leadership should trash their current business model, reject popular sales advice, operate like a startup, and leverage the new rules for prosperity to achieve explosive profitable revenue growth(PRG), debuts November 2015.

The Revenution

Claim The Profitable Revenue Grow You Rightfully Deserve

Of the hundreds of companies we've had the pleasure of working with, it has become painfully apparent that the solutions businesses have chosen to help them recover have been proven ineffective. There are endless stories of what hasn't worked.

Best practices and "back to basics" were forged during a different economic time, and therefore have no place in the New Normal. Additionally, leaders who are entrenched in their business convictions and not open to new ideas are forever trapped in days gone by, adhering to wasteful practices that include working harder and believing their sales force can pull them from the deepening quicksand.

What if there is new, game-changing revenue growth "source code" - the kind that perennial winners including Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Costco employ - that is now available to anyone willing to explore and embrace?

As the great recession of the 2000s roared on like a determined army of profit-sucking leeches, it became obvious that company leadership - and their fine people - were unsure of how to grow top line revenue, the lifeblood of their respective firms.

Traditional tactics - including sales training, branding, market research, advertising, website refreshes, and other traditional methods - didn't have much effect on the top or bottom lines, if any. Investors screamed - demanding revenue growth! - but leaders reluctantly realized that maybe things had changed. Possibly they'd been exposed with never-before-seen marketplace forces that rendered them vulnerable, or obsolete.

At The Third Door®, we subscribe to - and practice - the continuous improvement philosophies of Quality and Management master Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Though Dr. Deming has been gone for some time now, his concepts live on as the absolute standard of achieving greatness in any business endeavor. We are the only Revenue Growth Strategy firm on the planet applying Dr. Deming's proven techniques to traditional "sales" challenges.

Comprehensive T3D Engagement

Investment: Investment varies dependent on project scope (six figures for planning purposes)

Recommended for most mid-market and larger companies ($10 million to $1 billion in annual revenue) who have tried other "solutions" without realizing significant PRG© improvement. Often an average four to six month timeline, depending on meeting frequency. This has been the obvious choice for each of our featured clients who have realized 40%-60% sustainable PRG© improvement.


Investment: $25,000

This valuable workshop - primarily for large companies - provides an overview of The Third Door® Framework and associated architecture, covering the main components in an interactive, classrom setting. The expectation is one of education and lively discussion vs. the type of results that often occur via a comprehensive engagement.

Full Day Whiteboard Session

Investment: $10,000

Beyond traditional brainstorming, this collaboration maintains a strong focus on re-imagining, re-engineering, and re-positioning the company business model in the name of PRG© improvement. While not a substitute for more comprehensive T3D offerings, Full Day Whiteboard Sessions are intended to get the client "back on track" with their PRG© initiatives, providing a plethora of valuable, strategic action items to pursue.

Half-day Whiteboard Session

Investment: $7,500

While similar to the Full Day Whiteboard Session, this service allows the client to "test the T3D source code waters," always gleaning important PRG© information in the process. The client's greatest challenges are explored in depth, with recommendations and an associated game plan provided.

Our esteemed client list includes the United States' largest entrepreneurial organization, The Kauffman Foundation; the Midwest's largest public utility, Kansas City Power and Light; Kansas City's premier real estate firm, Reece and Nichols; Dimensional Innovations, a recognized national leader in the Design-Build-Innovate arena; Mariner Wealth Advisors, a renowned financial services firm.; Redemption Plus, a national distributor of toys, games, and "insights that empower" to the family entertainment center industry; and Larson Binkley, Inc., a national mid-market experience engineering firm.



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